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  1. However, in each case, each machine must provide the required services to melt the plastic, inject it, and cool it. Injection molding is a process in which a thermoplastic polymer is heated above its melting point, ensuing within the conversion of the solid polymer to a molten fluid with a reasonably low viscosity. This melt is mechanically pressured, that is, injected, right into a mold within the form of the specified final object. The low viscosity of the molten polymer allows complete filling of the mold where the article resides till it's cooled beneath the freezing point of the polymer. In the case of semicrystalline polymers, the crystallinity of the object is normally controlled by in-mold cooling of the object at an outlined cooling price. House Shoes for Women In the final step, the mold is opened and the half is ejected and recovered.


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